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Hurt in a slip and fall accident…now what?

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

I had a client come to me after he had a bone-breaking fall in a store, and as you might imagine, he had many questions and concerns. It’s not unusual for a slip and fall to produce such a serious injury, but what you do immediately after the accident is critical. First, take care of yourself! Seek out medical attention and get the treatment you need. Don’t talk to anyone about the facts of the fall, especially anyone from the store or the store’s insurance company (remember those folks are looking out for the store’s interests, NOT yours). Next, call me at (713) 370-7100 or email me at and let’s visit about your accident. Texas slip and fall law is stacked heavily in favor of the store-owners, so it is wise for you to consult with an experienced Texas slip and fall attorney as soon as possible about your case! Take care and until next time, stay safe out there, Eric

“After my accident the insurance adjuster is asking for a recorded statement. Should I give one or do I need an attorney?”

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

As an attorney I have represented hundreds of accident victims. Before becoming an attorney I worked for a large insurance company in the commercial claims department, so I’ve seen this issue from both sides and I can confidently say that before you speak to ANYONE from any insurance company, you should consult with an attorney first.

Why? Simple, an attorney has your interests first and will advocate for you. The insurance adjuster has the interests of his/her company and insurance policy holder first, NOT you.

But I don’t have anything to hide, you say. And I do not believe you do, but let me give you a short example. It is routine in a car accident for the adjuster to ask you how fast you were driving immediately before the crash. You may say something like “about 45 MPH.” Now unless you specifically remember looking at your speedometer and it said 45 MPH, you should reconsider answering with such certainty. In a number of cases I have seen the insurance company take that statement (45 MPH) and use an “expert witness” to calculate braking distances and then blame YOU for the accident.

If you had spoken with an attorney, he/she would have asked you when you last looked at the speedometer, etc….before letting you guesstimate your way through a statement.

If you have an Texas injury case that you would like to talk to me about, please feel free to call me at (713) 370-7100 or you may email me directly at