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I lost my job, how do I reduce my child support in Harris County, Texas?

Friday, November 19th, 2010

I’ve received this question more than a few times this year. With the down economy that has affected so many Americans, that means a lot of persons paying child support have also been affected, and now have questions about how to lower their child support payments.

Let me start by answering several questions that routinely arise with the topic of lowering child support.  First, in Texas the only way to legally lower your child support payment is to get a court order signed that lowers that payment.  You cannot make an agreement with your ex to lower support, even a written agreement, that will legally lower your obligation.  The state is clear on this point and I regularly advise clients not to make informal agreements and “hope” that it all works out. 

Also, what is the effect of having another child?  The courts must take into account all children that the child support obligor has a duty of support.  If you have had another child since the last order, then your percentage of child support will go down.

And finally, I’m asked, “What if I just do nothing, I won’t owe support after the child turns 18, right?” Wrong.

As long as the other parent or Texas Attorney General get proper orders entered before the child turns 18, then you are on the hook and that obligation will never go away by itself.

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