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How much will a Houston, Texas divorce attorney cost?

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Like most divorce attorneys, I get this question regularly, how much does a contested divorce in Houston, Texas cost? 

In the most polite and descriptive manner that I can answer, I often say that divorces are like cars…they come in all sizes, styles and price ranges.  There is almost no way to give you a precise number, but rather a cost range based upon certain assumptions.  For example, if your spouse is still in a bitter stage and wants to fight you about every detail, regardless of how insignificant that detail may be, then the cost would be higher.

So are they ways to try and lower the cost?  Absolutely.  This is where you and I sit down and map a case strategy based upon your goals and objectives and speak candid about the budget we are working within.

Don’t give up hope, or control…there are ways to control costs and I welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss them.  Feel free to visit my website today at or if you are ready to set a consultation, feel free to set it up by going to my contact page at or directly emailing me at